5 minuters recept för julaktiviteterna

5-min lunch box tips for the holiday activities

Bento Box Balance

Use a bento box for a balanced lunch. Include protein (sliced turkey or chicken), whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Provides variety and nutrients without extensive preparation.

Prep-Ahead Snack Packs

Prepare snack-sized packs of fruits, veggies, and nuts during the week.Divide items like grapes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and almonds into small containers or snack bags.

Wrap-and-Roll Wraps

Opt for wraps as a quick and versatile lunch option. Spread cream cheese or hummus on a whole-grain wrap, add deli meat, cheese, and fresh veggies. Roll up and cut into bite-sized pinwheels for variety and joy.

Leftover Reinvention

Transform dinner leftovers into a creative and time-saving lunch. For example, use grilled chicken as a protein topping for a salad or wrap. Repurpose roasted vegetables as a delicious side dish, reducing food waste.

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