Love meals are the best way to bond

Little fingers full of food, little whiskers covered in milk. Fun mealtime with family translates well-being and independence for babies' weaning and self-feeding journeys.


Start solids with Miniware

From baby weaning to mastering self-feeding skills, Miniware is designed to enhance the experience of eating by creating a safe and intuitive environment for your child to learn.

  • Modern Design

    The sleek modern style and serene color palette showcase food and the act of eating, an experience that transcends culture and geography.

  • Grows with your Kid

    Miniware’s products are designed for long-term use and are functionally made to grow with your children.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We use non-toxic, plant-based, all-natural materials to create our Miniware. We value sustainability and transparency in our product ingredients.



Eco friendly baby products from Miniware are biodegradable, made with natural polylactic acid 100% made from cassava root vegetable starch!
The only one made of non-genetically modified plants! 0 petrochemical additives! 0 toxins! Earth & Baby friendly!

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We are with you!

We know that parenthood is not easy, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. Miniware collections are environmentally conscious, supports the various stages of childrens development, has a long product cycle, and has both appearance and texture.

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